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Signing Board - Choice of size and colours

Item Specifics:
  • The board measures:
    • ​​​​​​Small 12"x 16" (approx 31cm x 41cm)
    • ​​​​​​Medium 16"x 20" (approx 41cm x 51cm)
    • Large 20"x 24" (approx 51cm x 61cm) 
  • The aperture for your photo is 7"x5"
  • The board can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation.
  • You will receive a free pen. Additional pens are available.
  • You can choose from a range of different signing board colours and pens using the drop down boxes. If you would like the black board please choose the silver or gold gel pen as the black ink will not show.
  • We use a high tech computerised mount cutter to produce a bevel cut and groove around the photo.This enhances your picture to enable it to stand out when on display, adding to the quality of the product.

Number of guests:
The size of the messages and the style of writing will determine how many people this board is suitable for. Bear it in mind that most people leave messages as couples & families, and therefore if you have 100 guests you are likely to only need space for 50 messages.

Recommended maximum guest size:
  • Small - 40 messages / 80 guests
  • Medium - 60 messages / 120 guests
  • Large - 80 messages / 160 guests

Instructions for use:
  • Put a photo/poem/instructions etc in the aperture to display on your special day/event.
  • Ask guests to leave their messages around the board with the pen provided.
  • After your event simply replace what you have in the aperture with a selected photo from the day.
  • Have the board framed and hang on your wall to cherish for years to come.

TIP For best results we recommend laying the board flat rather than using an easel. Your guests are sure to produce neater writing that way and there is less risk of the board being pushed over and damaged.

 Production & Delivery:
All our frames and boards are handmade to order, and although we aim for the fastest possible turn around we ask you to please allow:
  • Standard Delivery - Up to 10 working days
  • Express Delivery - Up to 5 working days

If you require this item in less than 5 working days please get in touch and we will be happy to help.